Typically people who want to take on archery lessons will end up joining an archery club. If you happen to live in a large metropolitan area, you probably won’t have a problem finding a local archery club, whereas in a small city you may.

Whilst doing some research and browsing the internet, we discovered that it wasn’t always easy finding a local archery club.

Here’s 3 ways on how to find an archery club near you

1. Search Google

Yep, a pretty obvious one right?! That’s what we did to start with and we noticed that it was easier to find and buy archery supplies than to find clubs. Nonetheless, using Google or any other search engine is a great place to start.

2. Search on Facebook

Facebook’s searching and targeting capabilities are getting better all the time. So like you would with a search engine, start typing into the search bar on Facebook to search for “archery club“.

Based on your location, the search results Facebook shows you should be reasonably relevant to what you’re looking for. Something like this:

Search for an archery club on Facebook

Searching Facebook for “archery”

We found that not a lot of archery clubs are actively using social media to build and connect their communities. It’s just going to take archery clubs some time to work on this.

In order to keep the sport and communities alive, it’s most likely going to take the younger generation to archers to step up and manage their club’s online presence.

3. Use our archery directory

Based on the results of the 2 options above, we saw an opportunity to make a real difference to the archery community. So we created this archery directory to help people with finding clubs, supplies and other archery services and entertainment throughout QLD.

Meanwhile we wanted to create a community where archery services could come and connect and start building more of an online presence.

Create a listing for your archery club

Have you created a free listing for your archery club on our website yet? If not, click here to get started.

Maybe your club is already listed in our directory! Search for it and claim it now to start managing it.

And please remember to bookmark and share our website within your archery club and community!

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